Why should I choose “Ontario Real Estate Tutor”?
Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s teaching system is exactly what you need in order to pass the Ontario real estate exams on your first attempt, that’s a GUARANTEE that we give you. Since 2007, we have helped thousands of students pass their exams on their first attempt and now, all that knowledge and wisdom are at your fingertips at Ontario Real Estate Tutor. Unlike others, we do not give empty promises and our instructor is a registered BROKER. We believe to be the obvious choice of tutor because of our success rate and the quality of teaching that will help you pass your exams. And that’s not an EMPTY promise. We are so confident that you will be successful that we are giving you our personal Guarantee. By enrolling in our program, you will have access to all the important tricky exam reviews, practice questions and similar phrases that you will see on the Ontario real estate exams; therefore, there will not be any surprises & confusions on the exam day! You will have both the knowledge and confidence to ace your exam on your first try by using our program.
Does “Ontario Real Estate Tutor” replace or administer Ontario Real Estate College or textbooks?
No. Our program’s study guides,exam review questions and resources contain the most important and key topics you will need to know to pass your exams. Ontario Real Estate Tutor is designed to prepare you to pass your real estate exam on your first time attempt and works well in conjunction with OREA’s textbooks, education and training resources you may be using.
Is there a way for me to take the exam review questions only?
Yes. Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s exclusive exam practice questions, updated to reflect the most current changes, are specifically designed to sharpen your skills when facing those tricky math and theory questions on your exams. While all OREA’s exams have specific questions in the mix, our materials and practice questions allow you to focus exclusively on all important topics.
Will all the study guides, exam review questions and content relate to what I will face on the Ontario real estate exams?
Yes. All of Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s resources and review questions have been written to reflect what you will need to know when you take the Ontario real estate exams. All of our materials, including the exam practice questions, explanations and feedback about every answer, are designed to help pass the test on your first attempt.
What is included in the Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s program?
Our program contains everything you need to pass your Ontario real estate exams on your first attempt and the confidence to know you are going to pass on your first try including: - One Free Tutorial Session - Exclusive Exam Review Questions - Competitive Pricing for Quality Tutorials - One Flat Fee for Each Course until You Pass Your Exam - Unlimited One-on-One Tutorials - Different Exam Practices to Prepare You for Write & Re-write exams - Flexible Hours (7 DAYS A WEEK; 8AM – 10PM) - Hundreds of Exam Practice Questions for Each Course
Why Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s program is beneficial to everyone?
Since April 1, 2009, the exams have been getting more complex and difficult. The secret to passing Ontario real estate exams is not knowing the most information, but knowing the right information. Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s program is made to prepare you to pass your exams on your first attempt. Our materials and study guides give you the success in passing your all real estate exams in Ontario.
Why I failed my exam when I spent so much time studying on my own?
Basically those who fail their exams are usually the ones who read the book(s) a lot but don't have enough practice and experience in taking the exam or finishing it on time. So, the secrets to success in passing the Ontario real estate exams on your first time are simple: Knowing what you will be questioned on and that there is nothing you have not practiced or seen before!
Specifically, what are the minimum requirements I will need in order to enroll for Ontario Real Estate Tutor’s program?
Ontario Real Estate Tutor is designed to work for anyone who wants to get his/her license in less than 5 months. All you need is commitment, consistency and commonsense.
Is there any contract to sign?
No, you don’t need to sign any contract. Ontario Real Estate Tutor provides you with tutoring only. You can work in any real estate brokerage you would like to.
How is it possible to get the Ontario real estate licence within 5 months?
Yes, it is possible to get the licence in less than 5 months. It takes approximately one month to pass each exam. This is why the maximum time it would take for one to get their licence would be less than five months provided you pass each course on your first try.
What do I have to do after passing the course 5 exam?
You join a good brokerage and start making money. Then you will have one more exam to be taken during the next two years from the date you join a brokerage.
When is the tuition fee for the tutoring classes due?
It is mandatory to register and pay the fee before attending the tutorials. It is one flat fee per course for unlimited tutorials till you pass that course.
Do you offer a free session?
Yes, the first session is free.
When are classes held?
The one-on-one classes are held 7 days a week depending on your schedule. You can book the time that works for you. We are flexible from 8am to 10pm. It does not matter how many classes you are attending.
What support do I get after registering with Ontario Real Estate Tutor?
You can call the help-line from 8 am to 10 pm to ask your questions.
Do I need to have an appointment to come to the office?