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#1 Ontario Real Estate Tutor

Get Your Real Estate License in Less Than 4 Months

What We Do

“Ontario Real Estate Tutor” has the expertise and uncompromising dedication to its students unmatched by the competition. The instructor at “Ontario Real Estate Tutor” is a registered real estate broker as opposed to other outfits that do a poor job of trying to copy the curriculum and methodology. Ontario Real Estate Tutor is the first in the field with a success rate of 98%. Do not accept any imitation.


Ontario Real Estate Tutor provides one-on-one tutoring to prepare students for their upcoming real estate exam.


ORET is providing realtors with the necessary level of confidence that comes from achieving their career goals.

Become a Real Estate Salesperson The first step in your real estate career is completing the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

Become a Real Estate Broker Take your real estate career to the next level, become a broker by completing the Real Estate Broker Program